Artistic Photographer, member of ZPAF (Union of Polish Artists-Photographers)

Born in Boleslawiec/Poland. Became interested in photography being yet a collegian. Member of Photographic Society Jelenia Gora. He was promoted to manager of the Gallery of Photography of the Society. He was the founder and organizer of the first three editions of the Biennale of Mountain Photography, existing till present. He takes part in many photographic competitions and exhibitions and wins more than hundred awards and prizes in Poland and abroad.

In the years 1979 to 1984 took part in several alpinist expeditions to Himalaya which resulted in several photographic exhibitions and  diaporamas, i.a. "Annapurna'79" , "Children of Asia" , "Nepal",  "China 81", "Caravan", "Asiatic Episodes". 1985 he removed to  Katowice. Works there as a free-lancer photographer making photos for different advertisement agencies, Central Photographic Agency (CAF) and for Walbrzych and Chorzow Theatres. Becomes member of Katowickie Towarzystwo Fotograficzne (Katowice Photographic Society). During 1985-87 studies the photography at the Wyzsze Studium Fotografii (High Photographic Study) Warszawa. Since 1993 lives and works in Bielsko-Biala. From 2000 is an independent photographer making photos for Publishing Houses, i.a. for catalogues, calendars, books, posters, etc.

His works have been included into collections of:  Silesian Collection of Artistic Photography, Gliwice Museum, and Bielsko-Biala Historic Museum. 


Solo Exhibitions

1977  - "... And in the Mountains" - Boleslawiec

1978  -  "What are you like?" - Boleslawiec

1978  -  Act and portrait - Lwówek, Zgorzelec

1979  -  Annapurna '79, Jelenia Góra 1979, Boleslawiec 1980, Legnica 1981

1981  -  Children of Asia - Jelenia Gora 1981, Walbrzych 1985

1984  -  Photography by Roman Hryciow - Boleslawiec

1986  -  Asiatic Episodes - Jelenia Gora

1986  -  Photography by Roman Hryciow - Dresden

1986  -  Photography of Act - Jelenia Gora

1987  -  Photography of Act  -  Skierniewice, Katowice

1988  -  Photography by Roman Hryciow - Warszawa

2006  -  Faces of Silesia -  Bielsko-Biala



from 1980-85 :  "Nepal", "Money", "Caravan", "...Omnipresent", "Po" , "China", "To meet the Lama"


Collective Exhibitions

1974 -  Ballad about Boleslawiec and Boleslavians. Boleslawiec

1975 -  Exhibition of Group A-74, Warszawa

1975 -  Exhibition of the Jelenia Gora Photographic Association - Jelenia Gora

1975 -  Exhibition of Artistic Photography - Pirna, GDR

1977 -  International de Photo Milex - Belgium

1977 -  All-Polish Biennale of Artistic Photography - Lodz

1978 -  "Variety of Karkonosze Mountains" - Jelenia Gora

1978 -  "Confrontations" - Jaroslaw

1980 -  "Mountain landscapes" - Exhibition at Festival of Amateurish Artistic Creations in Socialistic Countries - Swieradow Zdroj, Bolesławiec

1980 -  Post-Plenair Exhibition of Photography - Przesieka

1984 -  Karkonosze Mountains, Gallery of  "Foto-Medium -Art", Wrocław Gallery of Contemporary Art, Jelenia Gora

1984 -  Salon of Invited Ones, Lodz

1986 -  Glimpses at Karkonosze - Jelenia Gora

1986 -  Salon of Invited Ones, Lodz

1987 -  World's Landscapes in photography of Polish Travellers - Warszawa, Zacheta

1989 -  Polish-Chechoslovakian Exhibition of Photography - Walbrzych

1997 -  Factory of Photography,  B&B Gallery - Bielsko-Biala



"...Roman, always in the open space, 'outside the mowers', loving to work from the free hand (without use of tripod). In his hand camera turns into a mobile point of observation, of feeling the mood and the light;  attacking  problems of a photographic plan with unconventional methods..." - so i.a. was written about him by prof. Michał Klis in the Catalogue to FF Exhibition 1997.

 Another prominent specialist, Juliusz Garztecki,  so defined the photographic output of Roman Hryciow in the introduction to catalogue of another solo exhibition of him:  "... This exhibition consists of a choice of more than ten years works in result of his devotion to photography. There is nothing much to expatiate because everybody who has seen any of his numerous individual exhibitions or any of his collective works immediately knows that Hryciow is a faultless photographer..."

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