Lech Helwig - born 1956 at Kety/Poland - practices oil painting, watercolor painting, drawing and graphic design. Graduated from Krakow Academy of Fine Arts - Faculty of Industrial Forms. 1984 obtained his diploma from the study of Jan Kolanowski.  

His first individual exhibition of drawings and rayography was presented in 1985 in USA at Burling Gallery of the Grinnell College in Burling/Iowa.

Author of 17 sole exhibitions. Participated in over 140 collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, i.a. in Slovakia, France, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan. His paintings and drawings had been awarded with over 40 prizes and distinctions in Poland and abroad, i.a. with the first prize in drawing at the 11th International Exhibition of Miniature Arts while Summer Olympic Games Atlanta 1996.

His works may be found in the museums and private collections in majority of European countries, in both Americas and in Australia and Japan.

In 1995, as a member of Miniature Arts Society of Florida/USA, he presented his works in the First World Exhibition of Miniature Art in London and participated in the Foundation Conference of the World Federation of Miniature Arts.
In 2003 his work was presented in the 3rd World Exhibition of Miniatures in Smithsonian Institution in Washington/DC. Biographical Note on Lech Helwig may be found i.a. in The 10th Edition of Encyclopedia of the American Biographical Institute.

"It is not enough to see the Polish landscape and watch Polish customs in order to get to know Polish art. The art is very closely tied to both historical traditions and recent developments in Poland.

My method of working is as follows: I take a concrete situation connected to a concrete idea and transform it into visual language. I like to show, sometimes even blow-up, problems that other dont notise. I want people to pay attention to things that are difficult to see, so that they will develop diffrent ways of seeing the world around them. My idea is not openly declare problems and situations. The works are only a suggestion for the viewers."

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